May 3, 2006

State finally gives in to opponents of death penalty

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Since the advent of lethal injection as a method of administering the death penalty, sceptics have labelled it as "cruel and unusual."  Advocates of the method have long insisted that the method is the most humane method available and dismissed complaints by sceptics as those by death penalty opponents guised as lethal injection opponents

Tally one for the oppositionalists.  To quote the Dispatch:

"It don’t work. It don’t work," he said five times, according to media witnesses.

Medical technicians returned and the curtain was closed at 10:37 a.m., blocking the view of authorized witnesses, who later heard what they described as "moaning, crying out and guttural noises."

It took almost an hour and a half, but by 11:26 a.m., the 57-year-old killer from Toledo was dead as planned. It took two tries, and much of the work was conducted behind the curtain, preventing the official witnesses from viewing the process of inserting needles into Clark’s veins after one vein collapsed, or "blew out." 

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May 2, 2006

Ballots open

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The vote once again returns to Ohioans. Ballots open this morning, 6:30 in most instances; 14,000 have gotten a head start with absentee ballots (although this number is twice that of last year, a new law allows any eligible voter to vote absentee; previously limited to those truly absent).

Among the debated is Ohio's republican primary for governor. Early polls show Blackwell coming out on top. Petro remains confident dismissing early polls as unrealiable, premature.

Updates to come.