May 2, 2006

Ballots open

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:34 am by rkuhn

The vote once again returns to Ohioans. Ballots open this morning, 6:30 in most instances; 14,000 have gotten a head start with absentee ballots (although this number is twice that of last year, a new law allows any eligible voter to vote absentee; previously limited to those truly absent).

Among the debated is Ohio's republican primary for governor. Early polls show Blackwell coming out on top. Petro remains confident dismissing early polls as unrealiable, premature.

Updates to come.


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  1. rkuhn said,

    Unliable and premature…. Maybe, but correct. Blackwell wins.

    Those with knowledge of these things talk of a $50 million race for the state’s top position (no not OSU football coach). See the Institute on Money in State Politics. As an aside, the Institute of Money in My Wallet has been layed off due to pessimism.

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